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Many small and medium-sized companies face the ongoing challenges associated with accessing the necessary capital to fund financial growth.

The ability of these companies to undertake strategic acquisition opportunities, negotiate financial restructurings, or to construct and commission income generating projects, is strictly reliant on alternative funding sources.

As a result, very few emerging growth companies are able to achieve their full market potential and optimize shareholder values.

The critical difference between financial success and failure for smaller corporations is the ability to secure additional equity and debt financing when they need it. The majority of successful, high growth companies showcased in the media today have a ‘financial partner’ who can structure, negotiate, and access the maximum number of financing options at each step of their growth plan.

Private equity firms are now becoming active shareholders and financiers of their portfolio companies to provide the equity and debt capital required to maximize their growth potential.

Choosing the right ‘financial partner’ who knows each clients industry, and has the right ‘chemistry’ to work closely and effectively with their management team on growth driven transactions, can be the key to successfully achieving strategic corporate growth.