Financing Activities

SGC’s primary financing activity is to provide alternative financing options to our client companies for a wide range of purposes.

Our clients are small and medium-sized companies who cannot access all of their funding requirements from banks and other financial institutions, and require experienced ‘hands on’ guidance to structure the optimum funding solution for a wide range of transactions.

The ability of our client companies to undertake strategic acquisition opportunities, negotiate financial restructurings, or to construct and commission income generating projects, is substantially reliant on alternative funding sources.

We provide alternative financing options for;

➢ Senior Debt
➢ Subordinated Debt
➢ Convertible Debt

In addition, we can also provide short-term bridge loans.

When necessary, our Principals and Associates will ‘step-in’ to personally undertake, participate and negotiate;

➢ Refinancings
➢ Mergers and Acquisitions
➢ Financial Restructurings
➢ Project Construction Financings

SGC also provides crisis management support to financially challenged companies faced with excessive liabilities, creditor action, and require financial assistance and intervention.

Our Management Team is comprised of experienced corporate financing specialists and turnaround managers who advise and manage companies in financial crisis. We will create, present and negotiate Restructuring Proposals to all creditor classes on a formal and informal basis.